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Effective Working with Overwhelm, High Level of Stress and Emotional Distancing

by | Apr 24, 2018

Helping clients effectively and immediately deal with overwhelm and high level of stress

Many clients present to therapy in a state of overwhelm or being distant from their emotional experiencing. In both ways, they are stuck in a ‘reactive state’ and unable to process what they are experiencing and make adaptive choices in their life situations.

This workshop provides experiential learning of the process called Clearing a Space that has been developed as an initial step of the Focusing process and as a stand-alone process in the context of Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) with many applications. Various research studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Clearing a Space process in:

  • Immediate reduction of a high level of stress
  • Efficient dealing with a state of overwhelm, overstimulation and numbing
  • Facilitating a sense of self that is separate from the problems, which enables instantaneous a shift of the whole experience of the problems
  • Providing incremental release of the bodily tension
  • Dealing with sleeping problems
  • Promoting the sense of wellbeing in people recovering from cancer and other challenging health issues
  • Promoting the students’ learning in all educational settings
  • As a tool for a mental hygiene for all health professionals

On the completion of the workshop, participants would be able to apply the Clearing a Space process in their personal life and professionally.

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Our Trainers

Ms Biliana Dearly is a psychotherapist, supervisor and educator who has experience in working with people of all walks of life presenting with wide range of problems, including working with couples, students and other health professionals. She has a special interest in experiential, process oriented therapy and working with the ‘whole person’. Biliana is a Certifying Coordinator for The International Focusing Institute, USA.


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