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Research Groups

by | Nov 13, 2018 |

Clinical Research Group

The Clinical Research Group aims to conduct research which informs, evaluates and refines clinical practice across the lifespan. Member research interests span personality disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders (depressive, bipolar and anxiety), trauma, stress and adjustment disorders, and many more. Honours, Masters and Doctoral research projects are available across all these areas.

Our research is enriched through collaborations with government and private agencies, including the On Track Therapy Group, and others.

Group members:

Body Image and Gender Issues

The broad purpose of our group is to better understand people’s lived experiences with issues surrounding body image, gender, as well as disordered eating in both clinical and non-clinical samples. Our specific research interests include protective factors such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and feminism, clinical samples such as individuals with eating disorders and individuals with diabetes, as well as the everyday factors that influence body image and eating, such as fat talk, sexual objectification, and social norms. We use a wide range of methods, including traditional cross-sectional and experimental designs, but also micro-longitudinal designs (i.e., ecological momentary assessment), as well as qualitative methods. Honours, Masters, and Doctoral research projects are available within these areas.

Group members:

Cairnmillar – Monash Health Clinical Collaboration

The Cairnmillar – Monash Health Clinical Collaboration Research Group aims to conduct research that investigates theoretical and applied aspects of clinical psychology practice. This includes, but is not limited to, causes and treatment of mental disorders, such as psychosis, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders; chronic pain; effectiveness of psychotherapy; suicidality and functioning in public mental health clients. An overarching aim is to provide clinically relevant, applicable research findings in the area of mental health and service provision. Honours, Masters and Doctoral research projects are available in all these areas. The research is partnered with Monash Health, as well as other organisations as appropriate.

Group members:

Everyday Cognition

The aim of this research group is to better understand the cognitive processes that underpin everyday tasks, such as driving, shopping or remembering to take medication. We also have an interest in factors that influence these cognitive processes, ranging from poor sleep and circadian factors, to distraction and the impact of clinical conditions such as diabetes, dementia and other forms of neurological disruption on individuals and the communities in which they live. Honours, Masters and Doctoral research projects are available across all these areas.

Group members:

Wellbeing and Resilience

The aim of this group is to understand wellbeing and resilience across a broad range of populations.  This includes investigating factors that may negatively or positively impact on wellbeing, resilience and quality of life more broadly, as well as examining current theoretical models and measurement tools used in the field.  The research interests and methodological approach within the group are very diverse.  However, the overarching purpose is to better understand ways in which we can enhance resilience, particularly those facing a range of stressors and challenges, and to improve overall wellbeing and life quality across populations.

Group members: